TCH 539 GCU Virtual ClassroomEffect on Student Academic Achievement Proposal

TCH 539 GCU Virtual ClassroomEffect on Student Academic Achievement Proposal

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Research Proposal and Annotated Bibliography

To begin the action research process, a researcher selects a focus and clarifies the vision and targets of the research. A close review of current scholarly sources about a research topic helps to clarify vision and targets of the research and builds support for a research investigation.

In Topic 1 you selected two areas of research for your action research study. From these two areas, select one area to further develop as an action research project throughout this course. Based on the area of research selected, identify a specific topic or focus to apply the action research process.

For this assignment, develop an action research proposal, create an annotated bibliography of current research (within the last five years), and develop research questions.

Write a 50-100 word research proposal explaining the vision and target of the action research, including your theory of action.

Examine five recent, peer-reviewed research studies related to the topic selected and write a 100-150 word annotation for each study.

Each annotation must include the following:

  • Assumption of the limits of the research
  • Type of research (qualitative or quantitative).
  • Methodology – participants, instrumentation, design, and procedure
  • Results (1-2 sentence summary)
  • Gaps in the research

Based on the research reviewed, develop 3-5 research questions based on the identified gaps in the research. These research questions will serve as the foundation for collecting data in the next topic.

Support your work with 5-7 scholarly resources.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required

Here is the outline your provided for week 1

Research Outline

Research Topics:

1.What are the effects on student achievement in ELA Middle Grades for the collection of assessment data?

2. How is student achievement impacted in the Extended Learning Beyond the Classroom Virtual Setting?

  • Reasons for selecting the research areas
  • The best research approach
  • Impact of the research on students and educators


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