Supply and Demand Graph and Analysis

Supply and Demand Graph and Analysis

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Module 02 Content

    • Explain supply and demand mechanics and market failures.

    You are a junior executive of a new cellular phone carrier called Technologies of the Future (TOF) that competes in the same market as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile. You have been asked to analyze supply and demand, market equilibrium, and market shortages and surpluses to determine the optimal price for TOF to charge for a phone. The task at hand is to graph the supply and demand curves in Excel using the values given below.

  1. Your graph must be properly constructed; please use a scatter graph with markers or a scatter graph with smooth lines. The graph should include a chart title, x-axis, y-axis, and contain a properly labeled equilibrium point.

    • Identify the firm’s equilibrium price and quantity in the market.
    • Draw on your graph a price ceiling and a price floor and discuss what those terms mean. Explain which government-mandated price would result in a market shortage and a market surplus and why?
    • Calculate market shortages and market surpluses given the values from the graph based on the prices provided in the Price.docx. Be sure to define a market shortage and a market surplus.
    • Identify and discuss the price TOF should charge for its cellular phones.
    • Describe potential market failures that TOF could experience as a result of government policies.



Price Quantity Demanded Quantity Supplied 500 1200 200 600 1100 300 700 1000 400 800 900 500 900 800 600 1000 700 700 1100 600 800 1200 500 900 1300 400 1000 1400 300 1100 1500 200 1200
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