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1. The two properties about a set of measurements of a dependent variable that we are most interested in describing are:

a. frequency and average.
b. average and correlation.
c. central tendency and dispersion.
d. histograms and polygons.

2. The ________________ is the sum of all the scores divided by the number of scores.

a. median
b. mean
c. mode
d. standard deviation

3. The generally preferred measure of central tendency is usually the

a. range
b. mean
c. standard deviation
d. Median

4. Which of the following is the most useful descriptive statistic for measuring dispersion?

a. Range
b. Variance
c. mean deviation
d. standard deviation



5. The standard deviation is

a. the square of the variance.
b. the square root of the variance.
c. smaller than the mean.
d. the difference between the highest and lowest scores.

6. If the mean I.Q. is 100 and the standard deviation of I.Q. scores is 15, then an I.Q. of 130 will have a z score (or standard score) of

a. 1.00
b. 0.00
c. 2.00
d. -2.00

7. Inferential statistics allow you to decide whether a difference between the experimental and the control group is due to _______________ or ________________.

a. manipulation; chance
b. manipulation; experimental error
c. sampling error; independent variable
d. independent variable; experimental error

8. The null hypothesis suggests that the two samples come from ___________ distribution(s), and the experimental hypothesis suggests that the two samples come from _____________ distribution(s).

a. different; different
b. different; the same
c. the same; different
d. the same; the same

9. The power of a statistical test refers to its ability to

a. reject false null hypotheses.
b. reject false experimental hypotheses.
c. reject true null hypotheses.
d. reject true experimental hypotheses.

10. Simple analysis of variance is used in designs having

a. one independent variable
b. more than one independent variable
c. more than one independent variable (IV) but less than four IVs
d. more than one dependent variable

11. The number of participants in a study is denoted by

a. s.
b. n.
c. z.
d. r.

12. A _____________ is a complete set of measurements.


a. sample
b. population
c. random sampling
d. parameter

13. _____________ is one way of ensuring that a sample is representative of the population.

a. The two-tailed test
b. The between-subjects design
c. The sign test
d. Random sampling

14. If we conduct an experiment on average young, white, college males, inferential statistics allow us to generalize to the population of

a. average young, white, college males.
b. college male students.
c. college students.
d. young adults.

15. If we apply an alpha level of .05, and there really is no effect of the experimental manipulation, then one should make a Type I error

a. 5% of the time.
b. 10% of the time.
c. 15% of the time.
d. 95% of the time.

16. Which of the following would be considered the most conservative alpha level?

a. .01
b. .05
c. .10
d. .15

17. The prediction that alcohol slows reaction time is

a. nondirectional.
b. directional.
c. semidirectional.
d. partially directional.

18. Two-tailed tests are _______________ conservative and ______________ powerful than one-tailed tests.

a. less; less
b. less; more
c. more; less
d. more; more

19. The _____________ indicates the number of scores that are free to vary.

a. U
b. degrees of freedom
c. magnitude of effect
d. point biserial

20. The ____________ is used to analyze the results when there are more than two groups.

a. t-test
b. z-test
c. analysis of variance
d. none of the above


21. The __________ maintains that two conditions do not differ.

a. experimental hypothesis
b. level of confidence
c. law of effect
d. null hypothesis

22. A conservative statistical test is one that

a. minimizes both Type I and Type II errors.
b. minimizes Type I errors, but increases the chance of Type II errors.
c. minimizes Type II errors, but increases the chance of Type I errors.
d. increases the chance of both Type I and II errors.

23. What are inferential statistics used for?

a. summarize the mean and standard deviation of the data
b. estimate if differences between groups are by chance
c. describe the data from 2 unrelated groups
d. describe the relationship within a set of data

24. Descriptive statistics are used to:

a. compare the significance of the difference between 2 data sets
b. test the difference between the means
c. describe the observations
d. describe the type one error in an experiment



25. Which of the following is not a characteristic of the normal curve:

a. bell-shaped
b. represents 100% of the scores under the curve
c. 100 is at the center
d. allows us to determine rank

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