Solutions To Gloabal Issues

Solutions To Gloabal Issues

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Assignment 2 –

Threats to the Global Environment PowerPoint Deck and Their Counterarguments

The United Nations has continued to retain you as a consultant for a  two-part project. Many member states are dissatisfied with the progress  of the eight Millennium Development Goals for international development  that were established by that body in 2000. They see a substantial  disconnect between what issues developed and developing countries  believe are priorities. For example, Burundi wants one of the goals to  focus on food security, while Austria is adamant that a major global  issue should be the negotiation of ceasefires in countries in the midst  of civil wars.

PART I – Initial Argument

You have been asked to identify issues you feel most impact the  global environment unfavorably, so of the eight major threats listed  below, choose the four that you consider the most critical.

Energy sources Civil war   Globalization Poor health of entire populations   Lack of educational opportunities; Cultural taboos   Inappropriate uses of technology Climate change
Your UN contract calls for you to:

  1. Develop a minimum of four slides per issue, for a minimum total of 16 slides.
  2. Provide at least a paragraph on each slide in the notes section  (see the example at the right) that includes a history of each issue and  what type of economic, political, social or environmental threat the  problem poses to populations in the developing world. To review how to  configure your PowerPoint slides, please refer to your com account or reach out to your instructor ahead of time.
  3. For each issue, use one of your four slides to create a graph or chart that analyzes the data you have collected.

PART II – Counterargument 

Some member states are challenging your four recommendations from  above and questioning why you did not include other issues they believe  should be priorities. As such, there are four remaining threats in the  list of major global issues that you did not include in your PowerPoint deck.

1. Choose two of these four major threats and write one solid paragraph  on each one (each being at least three-quarters of a page long)  explaining why they are less of a priority to the global environment  than the four you selected in the first part of the assignment.

2. Each counterargument must include:

  • an opening statement describing why the issue might be perceived by some as a threat;
  • three reasons arguing why you did not identify each of the two issues as a threat; and
  • a conclusion

3. For the entire two-part assignment, cite at least eight credible sources excluding Wikipedia, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. These must be full citations using the Strayer Writing Standards (see below). Do not list sources by their URLs (i.e.,

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