Significant Themes in Literature Review Articles Essay

Significant Themes in Literature Review Articles Essay

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? ? ? Requirements

You begin your Review of Literature in this assignment by constructing a research summary table. You will use the research summary table to synthesize the literature on your intervention into the Review of Literature paper.

The following information should be included in this section of your proposal:

Research Summary Table

Collect the ten research studies on your teaching intervention that were approved by your instructor . Only use these ten articles in your review of literature.

Use the Research Summary Table Template to develop your table. Consulting the research articles approved by your instructor and fill in the table in your own words.

Select 10 evidence-based articles on your intervention. Consult the examples in the Potential Education Practicum Project Topics document to ensure that your articles are on the educational intervention you have chosen (an evidence-based teaching strategy) and not on the educational problem or issue.

  • Examining your table column by column, identify major themes in your articles.

Use your major themes to organize your Review of Literature under subheadings. You are likely to have two to five themes or subheadings.

  • Briefly summarize the major themes from your synthesis of literature to end your Review of Literature.
    Place your Research Summary Table at the end of the template labelled “Appendix A, Research Summary Table.”


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