Rasmussen University Business Management Multiple Choice Questions

Rasmussen University Business Management Multiple Choice Questions

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Question 1What type of power can be displayed by leaders that are not in formal positions of authority in an organization?





All of these

Question 2What is meant by legitimate power?

Capable of controlling using threats of punishment

Highly knowledgeable or skilled

Religious authority

Ability to hire and fire

Power based on the hierarchical position

Question 3Which theories attempt to understand employee motivation-based personality traits?

Theory X, Theory Y, and Job Characteristics Model

Theory X and Theory Y

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Goal-Setting Theory

Goal-Setting Theory and Job Characteristics Model

Theory Y and Goal-Setting Theory

Question 4Why do people make different decisions based on similar situations?

The individuals did not follow the decision-making process.

The individuals made irrational decisions.

Decision-making is an objective process that requires knowing facts.

Perceptions are subjective and influence our decision-making.

None of these

Question 5Theory Y believes that people _________.

Need to be coerced with threats of punishment to work

Cannot work autonomously and make decisions

Are motivated to work

  1. Do not value work

Both A and D

Question 6Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs details five levels of needs all people have, with the first level being what?




  1. Physiological


Question 7Which of the following is NOT a step in the decision-making process?

Identify the cause of the problem

  1. Identify potential solutions

Implement a solution

Evaluate the solution

Monitor implemented solution results

  1. Question 8Which of the senses influences our perception within a new situation?




  1. Vision

All of these

Question 9Which is an example of a leadership theory that focuses on the actions of the leader?

Traits Theory

  1. Behavioral Theory

Contingency Theory

Transformational Theory

Situational Theory

  1. Question 10What characterizes a person who demonstrates informal power?
  2. Ability to reward employees

Power to influence others

Force employees to work overtime

Having authority from their position

All of these

Question 11When do we tend to formally follow the steps in the decision-making process?

When we need to make a purchase

  1. When we decide whether to meet friends for coffee

When making important decisions that require thought and attention

When we make insignificant decisions

When there are many options available to us

  1. Question 12Our perceptions are influenced by what?

Personal factors



  1. Experiences

All of these

Question 13What dynamic creates a specific situation where organizational politics may arise?

Many employees in a large organization

  1. Low company morale

Many promotional opportunities available

Scarce company resources

None of these

  1. Question 14Theory X states that individuals ________.

Are self-motivated

Need to be motivated

Love to work

  1. Are self-directed
  2. Are not lazy

Question 15Which of the following is NOT a factor in the Job Characteristics Model (JCM)?

Task identity





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