Power Point Assignment

Power Point Assignment

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You will be working to conduct research pertaining to a specific conspiracy theory within United States OR World History. You will do fact-based research to find the true historical event, the conspiracy theories surrounding that event, the debunking of at least one conspiracy theory, and what you believe really happened. The overall project will be graded according to your job performance. You need to use PowerPoint.

You will need to choose a conspiracy theory within US History OR World History.

  • •Your project should have the following basic information:
    • oHistorical account of what took place
    • oDifferent conspiracy theories behind/about what happened
    • oDebunking of at least one conspiracy (one you believe did NOT happen)
    • oConspiracy Theory student agrees with and believes (prove it!)
  • •Little things to remember:
    • oEach slide of information will need to include words and pictures; remember, do not write a book about each theory on the presentation – quick and to the point!
    • oRemember this is a presentation, not a report!!!!!!
  • •You will be responsible for finding at least 3 different sources for their works cited page
    • oMake sure that each source is from a valid and trustworthy website
    • oOn the works cited slide, please break down each source based on the person who wrote it
  • •Below is a sample of what a PowerPoint could look like:
    • oSlide 1- Introduction page with conspiracy theory.
    • oSlides 2-5– Accurate history of what took place for that particular situation (how is it relevant)
    • oSlides 68– Different conspiracy theories that go with the particular situation (what are they, why/how did they begin)
    • oSlides 911– Reasons why conspiracy theories are probably not true, and an overall summary of what the group believes on the situation (debunk at least one theory)
    • oSlides 12-13 – A conspiracy theory you believe is actually true (evidence that leads you to this conclusion)
    • oSlide 14 – Impact of Conspiracy Theory on History
    • oSlide 15– Works Cited Page

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