Power Bi Homework

Power Bi Homework

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Listen to the YouTube Video Link below: This will give you an opportunity to hear and see how PowerBI works. Don’t worry about downloading PowerBI. These instructions on how to download the app are located in the directions below.


· In your Excel assignments, you should have a file called Manners Payroll. Remember that one? This is the file you will be using in the PowerBI lesson.

· Go to your Manners Payroll assignment and open it up.

· You should have Excel open now.

· You are now working in Excel NOT PowerBI.

· You are preparing your Excel document for PowerBI.

· Highlight data including Title and pay period (A1:A3) and delete the rows.

· Select A1:T16 highlight.

· Home Tab / Format as Table / pick the first style / ok

· Change Table Name (upper left corner—it now says Save As / Table 1; change it.) to Manners_Payroll_BI (need underscores)

· Save the whole spreadsheet as Manners Payroll PowerBI.

· Save the Excel document so you can retrieve it when you’re in PowerBI – perhaps on your desktop or saving device.

· Close Excel.

Opening the Excel Document in PowerBI


· Go to RIC email.

· When you see the logo for Outlook, scroll down until you see the logo for PowerBI.

Image result for powerbi logo

· Go to PowerBI Desktop

· Create new content / Files – Get

· Local Files

· Find Manners Payroll PowerBI

· Import Excel data into PowerBI

· View data set

· My Workspace

Playing with Manners Payroll PowerBI


You will see a bunch of icons. Hover over each of them and read what the screen tip says (little words as you hover over an icon are called screen tips).

You will create some visualizations below by creating the following information on your dashboard.

Some tips:

1. These visualizations once you create them are like textboxes or pictures. You can size them by using the corners to pull in and out just like a textbox or picture.

2. Once you put in a visualization, click off of it; otherwise it will replace the next visualization with a new one.

3. To delete a visualization, just click on chart and hit delete on keyboard.

4. To see visualizations, click on edit report.

5. The icon will blow up the size of the chart.

6. Phone view is what you see on your phone if you are using the app on your phone. BI can be used on a computer for on the go as an app on your phone. We won’t be doing this, but I thought I would share that little piece of information with you.


Assignments for you to do:

· Once you do one visualization (like a table), move it around so that they fit all on the page. Resize them, etc.

· When you are done, email me a screen shot of your work.


1. Create a table

· Select last Name (by putting a checkmark in Last name)

· Select Gross Pay

· Click off table

· Pin to dashboard

2. Create a Stack Bar chart (1st icon)

· Select last name

· Select Total deductions

· Click off chart

· Pin to dashboard

3. Create a pie chart (15th icon)

· Select Last name

· Select 401K

· Click off pie chart

· Pin to dashboard

4. Create a card (22nd icon)

· Select Total Deductions (this is the auto sum off all employees deductions.)

· Pin to dashboard

5. Create a Multi-row card

· Select Last Name

· Select First Name

· Select Gross Pay

· Select Net Pay

· Pin to dashboard

6. Create a Clustered Column Chart

· Select Last Name

· Select Regular Salary

· Click on the paint roller

· Put on data labels

· Change labels to vertical not horizontal

· Play with data fields

· Select the magnifying glass icon (Analytics) next paint roller.

· Put in average line.

· Change the color to purple.

· Put the data label on.

· Pin to dashboard

7. Matrix

· Last Name

· All Deductions

· Filter Union $1.50

8. Donut Chart

· Last Name

· Gross Pay

· Right Click

· Show Data

· Switch to vertical

· …sort by gross pay

· Filters only Show Smith and Tope

· Change fonts and colors

9. Chart Elements

· Click on chart

· Go to Paint roller


· See data labels, colors (These are just like chart elements in Excel)

10. Add a textbox

· Type your name in

· Format it/move it to the top and make the font bigger so I can read it.


PowerBI Instructions and Assignment / RIC – CIS252 Fall 2020 / 5 | Page

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