Nursing Research Paper

Nursing Research Paper

Nursing Research Paper:-  Nurses play an important role in the healthcare industry. They are the ones that take care of the patients, administer medicines, keep a check on their vitals, and communicate with the doctors regarding the health of the patients. If you have chosen this noble profession you are going to become the backbone of the healthcare industry and have invested a lot in your education, especially with nursing research paper.

Nursing is a highly demanding career involving many roles and responsibilities. If you are pursuing a degree in nursing you will have to put in a lot of time and effort. As a part of your curriculum, you will have to submit a large number of projects and assignments including reports, thesis, essays, etc. You will also have to write a nursing research paper for each of your classes.

Writing a research paper helps you learn how to organize information, document research, manage your time and write professionally. Nurses need to learn how to communicate effectively while writing as they have to document a patient’s medical history.

A nursing research paper like any other research paper is used to assess your knowledge, research capabilities, and analytical skills. It can be argumentative, expository, or analytical and consists of an introduction, the body of the paper, and a conclusion.

Introduction of a nursing research paper

The introduction of a research paper is important as a good introduction will encourage the reader to continue to the main parts of the research paper. A well-written introduction gives you the chance of making a good first impression. If the introduction is disorganized and filled with errors, the reader will feel disoriented and confused.

Read on to find how to write the best introduction for a nursing assignment research paper.

Before learning how to write an introduction, you need to understand what the introduction of your paper should accomplish. The introduction of your nursing research paper should fulfill the following responsibilities

  1. Grab the attention of your reader
  2. Introduce the topic
  3. State the theses
  4. Explain the relevance of the study
  5. Outline the main points of the research

Steps for writing the best introduction for a nursing research paper


1. Introducing the topic

When you start by introducing the topic of your research paper you need to tell your readers what the topic is and how it is important. You need to make your readers interested so that they are hooked to your paper. You can engage your audience by opening the introduction with a compelling story or a thought-provoking question. You can also include a quotation, a statistic, or an anecdote.

Though grabbing the attention is important, do not forget to convey the relevance of the topic while trying to make the introduction appear catchy. A simple way to emphasize the importance of your research is to highlight the benefits it has. This way the reader focuses on the positives of the research.

2. Setting the background

The background will differ depending upon the nature of the research paper. If your research paper is empirical then you can provide an overview of relevant research already done on the topic and establish how your research differs from them. While doing so you can also state the limitations or gaps in the previous research that you plan on filling. You can refer to the available literature for this but should refrain from the formal literature review in the introduction section. This will show your awareness of previous research as well.

On the other hand, if your research paper is argumentative, you can just narrow down your topic and provide a general background to set the context. Remember this is only the introduction and if your paper needs more background information you can include it in the main body of the paper.

3. Stating the research problem

The next step is establishing your research problem. You need to convince the reader how your work helps to address the research question. You can demonstrate how your research can fill gaps or limitations of any previous work on the same topic. The contribution your work can bring to the existing knowledge on the subject can be pointed out here.

4. Specifying the objectives of the paper

Now you specify what you intend to achieve as a result of the research. You can either present a thesis statement or propose a research question with a hypothesis. A thesis statement should not be of more than one to two sentences and should only state your position on the topic with any specific arguments.

5. Outlining the structure of the paper

The last part of the introduction is reserved for giving a brief overview of the research paper. Describing the structure of the paper makes it easier for the reader to understand the flow. You can also highlight the important points that you intend to make in the paper. If your paper strays away from the usual structure of introduction, body, and conclusion, providing an outline becomes important.

6. Citing the sources

If you have referred to any literature in the introduction section make sure to cite all the sources correctly. Missing out on giving credit or wrongly citing a source can land you in trouble. You can use the referencing style followed by your institute or any academically approved referencing style such as Chicago, APA, MLA, Harvard, etc.  We can provide you access to professionals who are experts in writing nursing research papers.

Though the introduction is at the beginning of every research, you can write it at the end or revisit it after completing the paper. This will make it more compelling and will be easier for you to write.

Nursing paper help

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