Nurs6052 Week 5 project Course Project

Nurs6052 Week 5 project Course Project-Part 2 latest

Week 5 project
Course Project: Part 2—Literature Review
This is a continuation of the
Course Project presented in Week 2. Before you begin, review the Course Project
Overview document located in the Week 2 Resources area.
The literature review is a
critical piece in the research process because it helps a researcher determine
what is currently known about a topic and identify gaps or further questions.
Conducting a thorough literature review can be a time-consuming process, but
the effort helps establish the foundation for everything that will follow. For
this part of your Course Project, you will conduct a brief literature review to
find information on the question you developed in Week 2. This will provide you
with experience in searching databases and identifying applicable resources.
To prepare:
Review the information in Chapter
5 of the course text, focusing on the steps for conducting a literature review
and for compiling your findings.
Using the question you selected in
your Week 2 Project (Part 1 of the Course Project), locate 5 or more full-text
research articles that are relevant to your PICOT question. Include at least 1
systematic review and 1 integrative review if possible. Use the search tools
and techniques mentioned in your readings this week to enhance the
comprehensiveness and objectivity of your review. You may gather these articles
from any appropriate source, but make sure at least 3 of these articles are
available as full-text versions through Walden Library’s databases.
Read through the articles
carefully. Eliminate studies that are not appropriate and add others to your
list as needed. Although you may include more, you are expected to include a
minimum of five articles. Complete a literature review summary table using the
Literature Review Summary Table Template located in this week’s Learning
Prepare to summarize and
synthesize the literature using the information on writing a literature review
found in Chapter 5 of the course text.
To complete:
Write a 3- to 4-page literature
review that includes the following:
A synthesis of what the studies
reveal about the current state of knowledge on the question that you developed
Point out inconsistencies and
contradictions in the literature and offer possible explanations for
Preliminary conclusions on whether
the evidence provides strong support for a change in practice or whether
further research is needed to adequately address your inquiry
Your literature review summary
table with all references formatted in correct APA style
Note: Certain aspects of conducting
a standard review of literature have not yet been covered in this course.
Therefore, while you are invited to critically examine any aspect of the
studies (e.g., a study’s design, appropriateness of the theoretic framework,
data sampling methods), your conclusion should be considered preliminary. Bear
in mind that five studies are typically not enough to reflect the full range of
knowledge on a particular question and you are not expected to be familiar
enough with research methodology to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of all
aspects of the studies.
By Day 7 of Week 5
This part of the Course Project is
due. It will also be a component in your Portfolio Assignment in this course,
which is due by Day 7 of Week 10.

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