NR 621 Chamberlain College of Nursing Nursing Education Worksheet

NR 621 Chamberlain College of Nursing Nursing Education Worksheet

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✅ ✅ ✅ Discussion Question

Describe the nursing education issue. How will this educational intervention help the nursing education issue? Provide your PICOT question using the standard PICOT format. You may use the attached PICOT worksheet as a guide; however, if you use this document, please copy and paste the document into the discussion.

For example, let’ say that you are in a pharmacology didactic course for your practicum site and your mentor states that students are exhibiting very low test scores. The class is currently being taught by the use of PowerPoint and lecture. You and your mentor decide to implement a flipped classroom to see if the students understand the concepts better and improve test scores. Your PICOT question could look like this:

  • In first year nursing students enrolled in the pharmacology course, will a flipped classroom as compared to PowerPoint and lecture improve test scores in eight (8) weeks?

Read the guidelines and grading rubrics for the introductory problem statement, literature review and intervention/evaluation plan and discuss your ideas for a Education Practicum Project with your mentor. The Education Practicum Project is a major component of the practicum experience. It should be an activity that will benefit the organization and contribute to your ability to achieve the course outcomes. Remember that your Education Practicum Project should focus on a nursing education issue rather than a clinical issue. A list of suggested Education Practicum Project topics for educator students is available below to help you develop your paper along with the guidelines and rubric for this discussion. This is an opportunity to brainstorm with your classmates and instructor.


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