NR 512 Chamberlain University Current Dynamic Health Systems Discussion

NR 512 Chamberlain University Current Dynamic Health Systems Discussion

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(explore healthcare technology news on CPOE, EMRs, E-prescribing, HIE, PHRs, HIT stimulus, and other health IT news)

Research Fiercehealthcare website for a HealthIT topic that pertains to Nursing informatics (NI) and your practice or advanced practice role (nursing education).


Students will login to FierceEMR and FierceHealthIT and select a “current/popular” topic of the week that may impact their practice. Students, in a professionally developed paper, will discuss the rationale for choosing the topic, how it will impact practice in a positive or negative manner, citing pros and cons. Include a discussion of how informatics skills and knowledge were used in the process relevance to developing the assignment. In the conclusion, provide recommendations for the future.

Preparing the paper

  • The FierceEMR and FierceHealthIT Current/Popular Topic of the Week assignment must be a professional, scholarly prepared paper. See the guidelines for writing a professional, scholarly paper. The professional paper will have an introduction, body of paper to explain what you are doing, summary/conclusion, and at least three scholarly references.
  • Required texts may be used as references, but a minimum of three sources must be from outside of course readings.
  • All aspects of the paper must be in APA format as expressed in the current edition.
  • The paper (excluding the title page, introduction and reference page) is 4-6 pages in length.
  • Ideas and information from professional sources must be cited correctly.
  • Grammar, spelling, punctuation, and citations are consistent with formal academic writing.


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