NR 443 Chamberlain University Week 4 Direct Care Project Presentation

NR 443 Chamberlain University Week 4 Direct Care Project Presentation

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The purpose of this direct care project is for learners to apply the nursing process to a community health problem determined by their observations and data collected of vulnerable populations in their community. This is Part 2 of 4 in the Direct Care Project.

Direct Care Project Overview

There are four parts to the Direct Care Project.

There will be graded Project Check-ins that correlate to each part.

The topic selected in Part 1 will be the same one used in Parts 2 through 4.

  • Review the table below for overview and due dates with each topic.
  • Carefully review the instructions, templates, tutorials, and rubrics for each part.
  • Contact your instructor with questions.
  • Directions for Part 2
  • For this part of the direct care project, you will be creating a PowerPoint presentation based on the topic and problem identified in Part 1. If you chose substance use, you will present the SBIRT intervention model.
  • If you have chosen substance use, you will present to at least 3 practicing RN’s. You can present all at one time or individually. If you chose air quality, you will present to at least one organization leader. See the Direct Care Project module for FAQs.

Each topic has separate directions.

Download the Planning Your Presentation Directions for your corresponding topic.

  • Substance Use

Create speaker notes for the PowerPoint presentation. These will assist you as you present and will be part of your assignment submission.

Utilize your own words and paraphrasing for all presentation content.

The presentation should be no fewer than 8 and no more than 15 slides. This does not include the introduction and reference slides.

Submit presentation in PDF for instructor approval. See Submitting PowerPoint Notes Pages in PDF format (Links to an external site.).

You will present the PowerPoint to your audience, not the PDF, as you do not want the speaker notes to show to your audience members.

  • Templates and Links

Click on the links below to download and view the resources for your project.

PowerPoint Presentation Template (Links to an external site.)

SBIRT (Links to an external site.) (website)


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