Mount Royal University Schizophrenia Clinical Case Study Presentation

Mount Royal University Schizophrenia Clinical Case Study Presentation

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Clinical Case Study Presentation

Diagnosis, Symptom and Illness Management Presentations (35 Points)

Due on 08/16/2019 (Friday) @ 11:59PM

Pick a Topic from the list of Diseases discussed weeks 11-15. You are to do a power point presentation using the following headings below. Present a typical patient with this disease process and how they would present to the office and how you would work up, diagnose and treat. Pictures are encouraged. You will be graded on professionalism and content. Slides need to have Voice Over (Your voice giving the presentation on each slide) Max 20 slides and Max 10 Minutes. Upload to Moodle.

This may be done in groups of 2 students or individually, both students must have their own voice included in the presentation. The voice of students should be 50/50 divided among the slides. Each student must submit final presentation individually and if done in group, the second person submitting please disregard the Turn it in score as it will say 100% and just add note with submission though Moodle of your partners name. (Group members must have same professor)

Late Assignment Policy


turned in late will have 1 point taken off for every day assignment is late,

after 7 days assignment will get grade of 0. No exceptions

Link on how to do Powerpoint with voice over

Presentations must include a Slides with the following information.

· TITLE (slide 1)

· DESCRIPTION (Patient information) (slide 2 etc.. and so on)












a total of 13 slides

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