Literature review

Literature review

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I need a literature review- SYNOPSIS- of the article (provided). It is not a regular paper- you will find attached sample of what it should look like and the same outline with all the parts that should be in the synopsis you are going to write.

It has to answer the Picot question: In nurses, how does heavy workload compared with the standard workload, effects intentions to leave nursing professions?

The article has many other items but you have to just look at the workload!!!

It has to have:

  • research design and setting
  • sample: sampling method; number of subjects; inclusion/exclusion criteria; attrition, loss to follow up, or response rate if any; and important characteristics of the sample
  • how the study was conducted (explain how the data was collected—including measurement instruments–and, if the study involves an intervention, how the intervention was carried out)
  • Important data that pertain to your PICOT question
  • Findings/conclusionsrelated to your PICOT question

I will also provide you with a sample article to the provided sample synopsis that has a highlighted parts- it may be helpful!

It doesn’t need an introduction for conclusion. It has to have about 700 words.


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