HUMN303 Chamberlain Health humanities. In the Health Humanities Discussion Response

HUMN303 Chamberlain Health humanities. In the Health Humanities Discussion Response

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Class & Professor,

As a nurse, I can assert that nurses often come across people of different diversity, especially when they move across the different nursing continuum from hospice, community nursing, home nursing to the intensive care unit. Humanities, therefore, tend to impact nursing professionalism and the nurses personally through teaching them on the need to be respectful, responsive, and essential individuals in the industry. Humanities have taught nurses to always respond to the needs of the society and those of an individual in the jurisdiction that they serve and beyond. Through humanities, it has to affect nurses personally since it has taught them the need for always applying cultural awareness, especially when they meet new individuals. Humanities have made nurses always to understand that people are different; therefore, they need to handle each differently. As a nurse, through humanities, it has led to many nurses to apply empathy skills when providing medical care to patients of another culture to improve the patient culturally competent behavior. Therefore, through humanities, it has made nurses engage in providing adequate, efficient, safe, and reliable medical care irrespective of the patient culture, religion, race, political affiliation, and nationality.
The aspect of art in the course has helped me towards reflecting how the element of art has changed over the centuries and has helped me in reflecting people way of life today and in the past. Through art, it has helped me in identifying different ways of analyzing how people way of life has changed over time by comparing today’s type of arts and those conducted in the past (Sayre, 2012). There are many articles in the field of nursing which reflect on the need for nurses to understand humanities. In the article, it highlights the importance of nurses to often engage in knowing their patient to create a concrete understanding of how the patient feels about themselves and their condition (Crawford et al., 2015). Through humanities in nursing, it has enabled nurses to understand the different patient cultures, their happiness, loneliness and how they would approach their patients and this has led to an adequate understanding of the patients leading to their efficiency.

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