Discussion question two response three

Discussion question two response three

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I have a strong belief that every person is naturally good-hearted and willing to love and care for others. It is upbringing that may alter this thinking. Every single person has a value and can contribute to society. This can be made difficult based on how a person is raised, and the circumstances in which they must live their life. Choices must be made every day. As children, we cannot help the environment in which we are raised. While a person may be naturally good-hearted and loving, if they are brought up in a harsh or cruel environment, they may begin to have a more negative outlook on life and others around them.

According to Kirsten (2018), the main issue that comes about with abortions is the question of whether or not the fetus should be considered a person, and at which point do we consider the fetus a person. I do not feel that it is my place to tell another person that they should not have an abortion. Every situation is different. I cannot imagine the horrors that a woman must face if they are raped and then forced to have a child that they cannot care for. I do not believe that it should be a regular form of birth control, however. I have known persons in my experience that regularly get abortions instead of taking birth control. I do not feel that this is right either, however, who am I to judge. As a nurse, it is my duty to care for patients in a compassionate way, and I will do that, no matter my beliefs on their decisions as far as treatment. I can, however, educate the patient about birth control, which may be more cost-effective and less damaging to the body.

Designer babies are another subject in which I feel that it is not my place to judge. Is it something that I would do? Probably not. However, can you imagine being able to eliminate the potential for disability or genetic disease for your child? Everyone wants what is best for their children, so it is no surprise that people would want to choose what they believe to be the best life for their children.

Meilaender (2013) points out that we should always consider bioethics in our patient care and “to ignore it is to ignore the just claims of others upon our attention and our care” (p. 2). While I do not choose to share my own beliefs with my patients, it is something to always take into consideration for sure. These issues are controversial, yes. However, my job as a nurse is not to pass judgement on these issues. I must provide compassionate care. I must make sure that my patients are receiving the best care possible, and to make sure that their needs are being met.

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