Discussion question two response one

Discussion question two response one

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Being a human is truly a gift from God. Life is priceless and in today’s society I feel that people take that for granted. In bioethics issues my world view remains the same that life is priceless but I do not believe that anyone should be judged for their choices because God’s judgment is the only one that matters. With that being said, I truly am pro-life because every life matters regardless of the circumstance. I do however believe it is not my place to judge or decide for others because I am not in their position. I do not personally believe that abortion should really be an option, but at the same time I understand there are circumstances where some people may really feel they have no other option. For example, a rape victim becomes pregnant. I have no right to decide whether or not she should carry a baby.

Meilaender follows the words of Leon Kass to help us picture the differentiation between procreation and reproduction. According to Kass, “The premodern Christian English-speaking world, impressed with the world as given by a Creator, using the term “pro-creation.” Meilaender promotes throughout the reading that, procreation is natural and has a divine influence while reproduction (assisted reproduction especially) is unnatural and disturbs God’s divine plan. Meilaender states that a child begotten, not made, symbolizes the union of the mother and father. Being begotten isn’t simply a 50/50 reproduction of the mother and father but, “the power of their mutual love has given rise to another who, though different from them and equal in dignity to them, manifests in his person the love that unites them” (Meilaender, 2013, p. 15).

Reflecting on Meilaender’s distinction of procreation versus reproduction and being begotten versus being made, I find myself agreeing halfway with him concerning procreation and being begotten. Across all continents, cultures, races, and religions you find the procreating is normally a time of joy and celebration and a nod towards a higher power, God, and for the continuation of human life. I also agree with how Meilaender describes being begotten – the child symbolizes the union and love of the mother and father. Even Meilaender using the Christian view that God gave his only begotten son, Jesus, who was proof of God’s love for us makes complete sense because it agrees with the Christian background that I was raised with. The only thing I’m not too sure I agree with is how Meilaender describes assisted reproduction so negatively. He takes a tone of ‘it’s not natural, so don’t do it, it must not be God’s will. To me that’s true love the lengths this couple put themselves through to create these babies.


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Meilaender, G. (2013). Bioethics: A Primer for Christians (3rd ed.). Grand Rapids, MI: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.

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