DHA 811 Chamberlain University DHA Externship Journal

DHA 811 Chamberlain University DHA Externship Journal

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At the end of the semester, students are required to obtain certification from their field placement supervisors that they have completed the number of work hours required to obtain the field credits they wish to earn. (The employer should sign off on the time log or send an email). You should also request an evaluation from the supervisor (you will receive additional information about this from Program staff). Finally, the students must fill out an online evaluation of the field placement. You should complete the space on the form you will receive from the registrar for each student that indicates that he or she has satisfied the requirements for receiving ungraded externship field credit. a 2 or 3-page reflection journal of my experience with this externship. The position I will be externing is next to the director of nursing in a behavioral health hospital. the hospital has 130 beds and also a crisis stabilization unit and running for over 50 years with non profit and government resources. the following 3 parts need to be filled in the forms attached: Externship evaluation, timesheet, journal two pages cover page citations and intext citations and references.


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