Development Of Evidence-Based Practice Change Proposal I

Development Of Evidence-Based Practice Change Proposal I

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Community Education Intervention

Diabetes is prevalent in the United States, affecting more than 37.3 million Americans.

The disease involves a metabolic disorder that happens because of elevated levels of bloodstream

Community Education Intervention

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Grand Canyon University


DR. Vernon Thacker




glucose (Rooney et al., 2021). Without programs to encourage the population to adopt healthy

lifestyles, the population continues to be at an increased likelihood of developing associated

chronic diseases. According to Echouffo-Tcheugui & Selvin (2021), community health education

is key to promoting the population’s knowledge of healthy food and behaviors, like engaging in

physical activity and weight management, which can reverse diabetes). When poorly managed,

diabetes results in serious health outcomes, causing a broad range of body tissue and organs

damages, including kidneys, heart, nerves, and eyes. According to Moonesinghe et al. (2018),

risk factors for diabetes include overweight, large waist size, unhealthy diets, 45 years and

above, inactivity, ethnicity and gestational diabetes, smoking, and obstructive sleep apnea. The

community teaching project is important because, despite the high prevalence of diabetes among

Americans, most of them there are unaware that they live with the condition.

Evidence-based solution

The evidence-based intervention for diabetes conditions is implementing community

health education on diabetes prevention and management strategies. The program will help

reverse diabetes and prevent the associated complications like kidney, heart, nerves, and eyes

complications. The community program aims at increasing awareness of the important measures

for reversing diabetes (Andes et al., 2020).

Nursing Intervention

People living with diabetes require a high level of awareness of diabetes and the available

lifestyle strategies to manage and reverse the disease. Community teaching intervention on the

disease is an effective program to improve the population’s awareness of the healthy behaviors

and lifestyles to adopt for improved life quality. Andes et al. (2020) establishes community

education as effective in encouraging diabetic patients to eat healthy diets, engage in regular

physical activity, lose excess weight, and avoid smoking will help reverse diabetes and prevent

the related diseases, whose diabetes is a risk factor.

Patient Care

Lack of patient knowledge on living with diabetes conditions or little awareness of

effective evidence-based interventions to reverse diabetes improves the risk of developing

further health complications linked with diabetes like cardiovascular disease. Due to the wide

knowledge gap, most diabetes patients do not seek patient care, therefore, failing to prevent the

associated health outcomes and suffering from the increased cost of treating severe

complications. Community education will bridge this knowledge gap for better management of

the health problem. Through the intervention, the patient will be advised to seek healthcare

attention early to improve the care effectiveness for better health outcomes and life quality.

Health Care Agency

Diabetes health problem is a critical concern in the current system of healthcare because

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 Student: Submitted to Grand Canyon University

 Student: Submitted to Grand Canyon University

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diabetes is a major risk factor for many chronic diseases, including cancer and cardiovascular,

which have burdened many care agencies, sometimes compromising the quality of services

delivered. The community health intervention intends to inform the community on the need to

adopt healthy behavior and culture, including seeking early interventions at the diseases’ earliest

stage to make treatment easy for the healthcare agencies. Additionally, with good knowledge of

diabetes prevention strategies, the organizations will not be overcrowded with chronic disease

patients, allowing such organizations to use the available resources to provide quality care to

those who urgently require it.

Nursing Practice

Public and community health nurses are responsible for implementing health promotional

interventions, including community education, for improving the population’s awareness of

healthy lifestyles to better their health and prevent health complications, such as diabetes.

However, low knowledge of the condition and even living with the disease limits the community

nurses’ choice of the appropriate target population. The intervention will open the community’s

eyes to what is right for better health outcomes, reducing the burden of the public health practice.

Nurses can use the intervention to achieve the health promotional goal.


For diabetes patients (P), is undergoing community education (I) compared to not

undergoing the education ( C) assist in reversing diabetes condition (O) within two years (T)

Population: the targeted population is the diabetes patients, aged 55 years and above. 37.3

million Americans have diabetes; however, 8.5 million people in the country are unaware of their


Intervention: the intervention is to implement community education on diabetes. The

educational intervention will encourage diabetic patients to eat healthy diets, engage in regular

physical activity, lose excess weight, and avoid smoking to help reverse diabetes.

Comparison: the intervention will be compared to no community education for reversing

diabetes. This may increase the risk of developing the diabetes complications and other chronic


Outcome: the community teaching intervention educates diabetic patients on healthy behaviors

and lifestyles. The desired results will be reversing the diabetic condition.

 Student: Submitted to Grand Canyon University

 Student: Submitted to Grand Canyon University

 assist, assistance (help): assist  help

 Student: Submitted to Grand Canyon University

 Student: Submitted to Grand Canyon University



Time: the outcome is to be measured within two years.


Alaofè, H., Asaolu, I., Ehiri, J., Moretz, H., Asuzu, C., Balogun, M., … & Ehiri, J. (2017).

Community health workers in diabetes prevention and management in developing

countries. Annals of global health, 83(3-4), 661-675.

Andes, L. J., Cheng, Y. J., Rolka, D. B., Gregg, E. W., & Imperatore, G. (2020). Prevalence of

prediabetes among adolescents and young adults in the United States, 2005-2016 . JAMA

pediatrics, 174(2), e194498-e194498.

Echouffo-Tcheugui, J. B., & Selvin, E. (2021). Prediabetes and what it means: the

epidemiological evidence. Annual Review of Public Health, 42, 59-77.

Rooney, M. R., Rawlings, A. M., Pankow, J. S., Tcheugui, J. B. E., Coresh, J., Sharrett, A. R., &

Selvin, E. (2021). Risk of progression to diabetes among older adults with prediabetes.

JAMA internal medicine, 181(4), 511-519.

Unwin, N., Howitt, C., Rose, A. M., Samuels, T. A., Hennis, A. J., & Hambleton, I. R. (2017).

Prevalence and phenotype of diabetes and prediabetes using fasting glucose vs HbA1c in

a Caribbean population. Journal of global health, 7(2).




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