CU Organizational & Systems Leadership & Professional Issues Discussion

CU Organizational & Systems Leadership & Professional Issues Discussion

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Please answer the following questions.There are enclosed pdfs from where the information needs to be coming from.Every paragraph needs to have at least 2 in text citations apa style.Each questions needs to have 500 words. You need to use the resources attached as references in each post. You may use other materials and enclose references please.

Week 3

– Topic Discussion #3A: Respond to the Podcast in the context of emotional intelligence. How does emotional intelligence impact how you, as a leader, can work to make work engaging for your people? Is that your job? The phrase “what gets measured gets managed” is often used to justify intensity towards quantitative analytics. What problems does that cause?

– Topic Discussion #3B: Describe a colleague in your life, past or present, who had, or has, a particularly strong emotional intelligence. Were they able to balance the analytical needs of the organization or team with their emotional connection with the team? If so, how did they do that, and if not, what impact on the organization or team did that have?

Week 4

Topic Discussion #4A: Respond to the YouTube video: reflect and discuss an important mentor in your life. In the context of Karen Russell’s talk, what made that person positively influential in your life? Thinking through this video and your experiences, how will be grow yourself as a mentor in the future?

Topic Discussion #4B: Discuss an employee or teammate that you have mentored, whether formally or informally. Were you successful in helping them grow as a professional? What made you successful or not? How did you grow from that experience?

Week 5

– Topic Discussion #5A: Reflect on the podcasts: As you think about your work team, whether you are a formal leader or not, identify three ways in which you will alter your practice of leadership as a result of your reading and other media and discuss why it is necessary to do so for the strength of your team. If you do not change your practice, what is the likely result of your inaction?

– Topic Discussion #5B: What does trust mean to you in the workplace? Discuss someone in your professional life with whom you have developed a strong sense of trust. How did that affect both of your respective job performances?

Week 6

Topic Discussion #6A: Reflect on podcast and the YouTube video. Discuss a time in which you were a part of a team environment in which there was a lack of trust, or there was conflict that was not constructive to the mission of the organization. What did you as a member of the team do to contribute either positively or negatively to that environment? What did the leader of the team do that affected the team positively or negatively? What could that leader have learned from the two media clips above? What did you learn about how you approach teams experience conflict?

Topic Discussion #6B: Everyone has conflict at some point at work. Have you ever had a time when you had significant ongoing conflict with a co-worker, but somehow ultimately ended up having a good relationship with that person? If so, tell us about that experience and how you made that transition. If you’ve never had the experience of reconciling, reflect on why you think that is the case and what you should learn from thinking about that.

Week 7

– Topic Discussion #7A: Consider what you have read and answer the question in Chapter 19, “What is my legacy?” Just like the beginning of the term, it’s possible that “What do I want my legacy to be?” could be a different answer. Reflect on where are you are in your career and determine what steps you should take to ensure that your final legacy is what you hope it to be.

– Topic Discussion #7B: Think about a great leader you’ve known in your life, but are no longer associate with. What was is their legacy and what can you learn from that person as you think about your legacy?

Week 8

Topic Discussion #8A: Reflect on the videos and the reading. Identify a present challenge in your organization (your team, your hospital system, your institution) that is particularly sticky. How could you, as a leader take what you have learned from Linda and Simon’s talks to lead your team and organization to a resolution? What bold action could be taken to make big improvements in the outcomes of your work?

Topic Discussion #8B: Discuss someone in your life that Linda resembles. What was their great accomplishment that is so inspiring?


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