Chamberlain University Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal

Chamberlain University Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal

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Note:  The teaching plan proposal developed in this assignment will be used to develop your Community Teaching Plan: Community Presentation due in Topic 5. You are strongly encouraged to begin working on your presentation once you have received and submitted this proposal.

Select one of the following as the focus for the teaching plan:

Primary Prevention/Health Promotion

Secondary Prevention/Screenings for a Vulnerable Population

  1. Bioterrorism/Disaster
  2. Environmental Issues
  3. Use the “Community Teaching Work Plan Proposal” resource to complete this assignment. This will help you organize your plan and create an outline for the written assignment.
  4. After completing the teaching proposal, review the teaching plan proposal with a community health and public health provider in your local community.

Request feedback (strengths and opportunities for improvement) from the provider.

Complete the “Community Teaching Experience” form with the provider.


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