Chamberlain Univeristy Doctor Of Healthcare Administration Discussion

Chamberlain Univeristy Doctor Of Healthcare Administration Discussion

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Please answer the following questions.There are enclosed pdfs from where the information needs to be coming from.Every paragraph needs to have at least 2 in text citations apa style.Each questions needs to have 500 words.

Topic Discussion #1A: Now is the time to be honest. After you have viewed the videos, describe yourself as a leader. Don’t tell me what kind of leader you want to be, tell me about the kind of leader you actually are – where you have strengths and where you have room to grow. You don’t get extra points for writing that you’re already a great leader. When you go about your work from day to day, talk about how you go about influencing the people around you, whether they work “for” you, around you, or above you. Think about what others would say if they’re being truthful about your style, your strengths, and your weaknesses.

Topic Discussion #1B: Describe the best and worst bosses you’ve had in the past. How do you define best or worst boss? Compare and contrast their leadership styles. What can you learn from those experiences?

Topic Discussions #2A: Respond to the Podcast, how does being genuine relate to the relationships you have at work, and why is it important for leaders to build strong relationships within their own organizations? While you’re writing this, weave in components of ethical considerations found in the article. Discuss why it is critical for leaders to self-reflect on their behaviors before they can lead others?

Topic Discussion #2B: Reflect on your experience as a leader, either formal or informal. Which of the five areas of my lecture on the characteristics of leaders is your area of greatest strength, and which is your greatest weakness? What impact does that have on your leadership practice and potential?

Discussion Question # 1: Which policy change(s) would control the disease better?

Discussion Question # 2: What are your key takeaways from this paper?

Discussion Question # 1: Will the patients be concerned about Med-device reuse given it is not legal in USA? Will this prove to be a reason for US insurance companies and patients staying away?

Discussion Question # 2: Will patients from US by into the idea of cross-subsidization model where they pay higher charges to cover the cost of less affluent patients from Latin America and Caribbean?


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