Business Development Roadmap

Business Development Roadmap

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You have decided to open a cupcake bakery and move your home-based business into a storefront. Recently, you met with SBA National, a non-profit, that focuses on helping entrepreneurs start their business with funding and guidance. The non-profit also hosts a business pitch competition to anyone who is a client. One of the requirements of the SBA business pitch competition is that each participant must do a Business Development Roadmap to document the process that you will use to create a business development strategy.


******Develop a Business Development Roadmap using the provided template.****

  • Include the following areas in your roadmap:
  • Planning and Identifying Priorities
  • Client prospecting
  • Market research on your industry and area
  • Networking strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • For each area, list the key implications (opportunity or strength) to your business


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