BA 625 Chamberlain Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Compensation Negotiation Analysis

BA 625 Chamberlain Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Compensation Negotiation Analysis

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The class is called Negotiations and Conflict ManagementT, and its a doctoral level class.  Make sure grammar, punctuation, critical thinking, clarity and consistency are accurate. There are three elements of this assignment: the compensation package template, the acceptance letter, and the rationale for your responses on compensation, stock options, bonus, relocation allowance, and continuing education stipend. You must use citations and references in this assignment. I do expect a compelling, objective basis for your decisions based on the facts in the Whole Health Management case study.

Final Project: You will be evaluated on your ability to follow these instructions. After you carefully read, Name Your Price: Compensation Negotiation at Whole Health Management, you will prepare three documents as your Final Project submission. Note that the purpose of this assignment is for you to become familiar with the primary aspects of a compensation package and the negotiation process. To accomplish this assignment, you will accept this position and complete and submit the three documents detailed here.

For the purposes of this assignment, you are Monroe Davies (or Monica, if you prefer). As such, everything in this reading applies to you.

1.      Exhibit 1 (page 5) is the job offer template sent to you by Jim Hummer. Jim has written in X’s in the spaces next to compensation, bonus, relocation allowance, stock options, and continuing education stipend; you may disregard the dues & licensures line item. Based on the data available in this reading, complete the compensation package to be submitted to Jim Hummer.

2.      Write a letter of acceptance to Jim Hummer to accompany the job offer template.

3.      Write a one (minimum) to two (maximum) page executive memo to me. With all the usual formatting criteria, provide your rationale and evidence for your actions, particularly in completing the job offer template.  


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