Assignment 1: Week 7 Practicum Journal

Assignment 1: Week 7 Practicum Journal: Checkpoint For Certification Plan

Students will:
  • Evaluate progress on certification plans

Report your progress on the Certification Plan completed in Week 1 and submitted in Week 4.

  • What have you done to prepare for your certification?
  • Have you completed the scheduled tasks assigned on your timeline? If not, what are your plans to stay on schedule?

    Practicum Experience and Journal Template

    Checkpoint for Certification Plan
    Walden University
    Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Role II: Adults and Older Adults
    What have you done to prepare for your certification?
    Currently, I have finished my school work. In this case, I am submitting assignments, completing the clinical hours, and entering the hours in MediTrek. I have used the vital boards as a means to assist in reading. I am also working towards finishing all coursework at the moment and the clinical hours. I have, as well, applied for the graduation with the institution as I await the next step after the convocation ceremony at university.
    Have you completed the scheduled tasks assigned to your timeline? If not, what are your plans to stay on schedule?
    The following is a list of task that forms part of my timeline.
    A checklist helps in developing a plan to pass the certification exams by American Nurses Credentialing Center and obtain the DEA.
    Below is my checklist that will be expanded in the future.
     – Not completed task
     – Complete task
     – Partially completed
    ☒ Firstly, I will make an application for graduation in the first week.
    ☐ To finish all the school work and the clinical hours by week seven and submitting all the assignments due. Currently, I am in week seven and undertaking a midterm evaluation. Some of the hours haven’t been attained.
    ☐ – At week 10, I will request for the transcript to be sent to ANCC.
    ☐ – Upon completion, I will wait for Walden University to confer the degree and the official transcripts.
    ☐ As I wait for my ATT, I will read rationales, answer questions, and attend to reviews to sharpen my knowledge about nursing and the new developments.
    ☐ Wait for the authorizations test from ANCC.
    ☐ Upon receiving the ATT, I will pick a date for the test.
    ☐ I will take my test on the said date and notify the nursing board as I wait for licensing.
    I will remain focused on the school work and put in mind all the school calendars concerning the assignments that are due. I would like to get all the transcripts, submit them to ANCC as a way of notification before taking my exams.
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